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August 2, 2016

Different types of Silica gel Packets

All of us are familiar with Silica Gel packets. These are packets containing silica gel in bead or granular forms, which are placed alongside packed products to make sure that they are not affected by the fluctuating moisture levels in the closed spaces. Silica gel is the most popular form of desiccant and is easily available in the market.

Most people are of the view that Silica Gels are only in white colour. That, however, is not true as silica gel packets of different colours are nowadays being introduced in the market. The most commonly found types of Silica Gel packets include blue, orange, green (indicating) and white (non-indicating). The main characteristic of the indicating silica gel packet is that when saturated with moisture, it changes colour. In the case of the non-indicating Silica Gel, as the name suggests, it does not change colour but remains white. Continue reading

August 7, 2015

health care desiccants packetsThe Packaging industry is getting more importance globally, the reason is because the packaging is important to protect each and every product that is manufactured. It is extremely vital to protect the items for a longer shelf life, which is impossible with proper packaging. Industries where Packaging are done are very eager on coming up with a few of the creative models and designs to make the packaging look more good-looking so that the customers cling on to the product as soon as it is in the market.


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March 25, 2015

cargo dry pakWhile exporting your quality products through Sea Container, a risk of mold, mildew, fungus formation and condensation   is always a great concern for any industries.


The container is closed system carrying lots of packing material like corrugated boxes, wooden frames and pallets. All packaging products, commodity you exports & air enclosed in a container is moving with its own moisture content.

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February 12, 2015

cotton coilIn the pharmaceutical industry, it is a known fact that puritan cotton is one of the best absorbers of moisture. Almost every bottle that contains moisture sensitive medicines is provided with a layer of this cotton just below the cap and above the contents.

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January 6, 2015

pharmaceutical CoilEnsuring the safety of the products in the manufacturing industry is the key concern for every company especially when those products are supplied for export purposes. Many times it is seen that the quality of the products degrades or fails to manage its actual size and shape as well while transported. Unlike any other industry, the requirement is mostly seen in the food products industry, pharmaceutical industry and in lots of other industries as well. In the food products industry, the products may lose their actual taste or color while in the pharmaceutical industry, the capsules or tablets may lose their quality completely if not protected properly at the time of transportation.

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December 1, 2014

In many industrial sectors, moisture effect or humidity effects requires to be kept in a specific level in order to maintain the quality of the products. Though there is no denying the importance of water in our life, but it may not be very helpful for some specific industrial products like medicines, electronic goods, chemical products etc. In such cases humidity level plays a very important role. In order to come out with the exact quality products, this level should be specific. And if the humidity level is higher than the required level, moisture desiccants need to be applied accordingly. But before that humidity level should be determined. And for that reason humidity indicating cards are applied.

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November 10, 2014

pharmaceutical desiccants

Moisture or water may have an integral significance in human body but this very thing can be a problem in many industrial sectors. There are a number of industries where the manufactured products need to be kept away from water or moisture. The necessity is largely seen in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where the quality of the products or medicines holds the uttermost importance. Any connection with the moisture may cause damage in the effectiveness of the medicines this is why all the manufactured products need to be packaged properly.

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September 1, 2014

Caly Desiccant PacketsWe are already more or less aware of the importance of the different types of desiccants and their use for the sake of absorbing moisture, humidity and other types of natural substances that have the tendency to spoil or damage those products, vulnerable to these substances. No matter, how good packaging process you apply, you won’t be able to prevent the moisture and humidity to get in because these are present in the nature and they will naturally be present there. The only way to protect the products from these elements is to desiccate them.

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August 4, 2014

Desiccant PacketsThe utility of desiccant packets is manifold. This substance has the ability to absorb moisture, humidity and other similar substances present in the nature. This is the reason; these packets are widely used for packaging different types of stuffs that have the tendency to get spoiled when come into contact with humidity and moisture. More so, these desiccant packets can also absorb gas, moisture vapor and odor as well. You know them in the name of silica gel packets.

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July 30, 2014

clear view desiccant PacksWe are dealing with indicating type desiccant packets or you can say silica gel blue packets or silica gel orange packets. These packets are available in small packets and they are used for absorbing moisture, humidity control, fungus removal and other moisture absorbing process.

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