Activ Vials

Activ Vials
Activ Vials
Sorbead India is the supplier of CSP technologies manufacturing of Activ vials for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules packaging, giving the best solution of moisture protecting without any damage of capsules and tablets.
Our activ vials are moisture tight seals and the ability to control the moisture on head space of packaging. Activ vials are used three layers of activ polymer technology. This activ polymer allows for the transfer of gases into and out of a plastic matrix, and enables CSP to provide solutions that can scavenge gases (e.g. Moisture, oxygen, odors) or release gases (e.g. anti-microbial agents, carbon dioxide) as required.
There are two types of activ vials are available:
  • Screw-Cap Vial
  • Flip-Top Vials
The desiccated screw cap vials and flip top vials are used for optimal moisture free packaging solutions in pharmaceutical, diagnostics, naturaceuticals and other vitamins and tablets packaging. CSP’s patented the vials plastic polypropylene tube material is molded in to the coating of blend desiccant silica gel and molecular sieve.
Desiccated Flip-Top Selection Guide:
Desiccated Flip-Top Selection Guide:
Volume (ml) Part Number Molecular Sieve Silica Gel Tamper Evident
UP TO – 20ml M-3014-150
21 – 40ml M-3003-66
Over 100ml M-3003-220