Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packet

clear view desiccant Packs
Sorbead India provides a large range of Silica gel packets to suite your needs. Silica gel is a very good absorbent used as a desiccant for storing purpose. It absorbs moisture inside the packages to create a dry environment. The packets are non toxic and inert to reactions for long durations of time. The materials used to make silica gel packets are Tyvek Paper, Cotton, Composite Paper, and Polyester Material. There are different types of gels like Blue Silica Gel Beads, White Silica Gel Beads and Orange Silica Gel Beads.

Blue Indicating Silica Gel is made of naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide that has been purified and processed into beaded form. These beads are saturated with a moisture indicating solution that gives them a deep blue color when they are dry. Also known as a narrow pore, silica gel is porous with pores of 20-30Å diameters. The pores have a strong affinity for moisture and use physical adsorption and capillary condensation to trap and hold it. It can remove moisture at temperatures as high as 220°F. It changes from blue to purple to pink colour as it adsorbs moisture. You can see when the desiccant is used and when the adsorption is complete. The transparent packet allows for the silica gel to be regenerated by heat. This product can be used again and again.
Blue Silica gel comes in variety of packs according to the size of 1 gm to 25 gm. They are USA FDA approved non-toxic products. They are moisture free, DMF free and odorless. Silica Gel beads packed in Tyvek paper material are Food Grade and Pharma Grade making them safe for use in all types of industries. The packets provide protection against moisture, humidity, odor and bacteria. The packets are used in different industries such as pharmaceuticals, food,electronics, textile (cloths), stationery, agriculture, leather, etc. for products packaging.