Clay desiccant packets: Now stop the Adverse Impacts of Moisture

Caly Desiccant PacketsWe are already more or less aware of the importance of the different types of desiccants and their use for the sake of absorbing moisture, humidity and other types of natural substances that have the tendency to spoil or damage those products, vulnerable to these substances. No matter, how good packaging process you apply, you won’t be able to prevent the moisture and humidity to get in because these are present in the nature and they will naturally be present there. The only way to protect the products from these elements is to desiccate them.

While talking about drying out the atmosphere from its natural elements like; water vapor, humidity, moisture and dust etc., the context of air drying desiccants will apparently appear. There are a plenty of absorbents available now a day, and they are used for different purposes (though the original purpose is to dry out the air yet, different process means absorbing the different types of impurities, present in the air). In most cases, air drying adsorbents are primly used as these are required by various industries for their transportation needs.


If you are in search of highly environment-friendly desiccants then clay desiccant packets will be an adequate choice for you. These are manufactured from natural occurring minerals and possess a great absorbing capacity. Compare to other desiccants like silica gel, activated alumina etc. clay has relatively more absorbing capacity for humidity, moisture and gas at a normal temperature and at different humidity levels. So, in a way, it can be said that packets that contain clay desiccants will definitely protect the products from any kind of damage may cause by the natural substances.


The clay desiccant packets have some unique features that make this element a massive effective absorbent. These packets are non-dusting, non-corrosive and even non-toxic which makes it highly effective to produce moisture adsorbing results. The packets create a protecting shield within an enclosed storage area and absorb the moisture of that place. These clay desiccant bags are made with Tyvek material and satisfy all the FDA specifications. More so, these desiccant packets are available in different sizes to cater to your specific requirements, based on the application and size of the product packaging. Like the few other desiccants (silica gel mainly), these clay desiccants are also reusable which means you can reuse these packets once got completely saturated with the moisture. This quality makes these desiccants highly accepted in food processing, pharmaceutical, electronic and furniture industries.