Humidity Indicator Cards – A positive approach for industrial production

In many industrial sectors, moisture effect or humidity effects requires to be kept in a specific level in order to maintain the quality of the products. Though there is no denying the importance of water in our life, but it may not be very helpful for some specific industrial products like medicines, electronic goods, chemical products etc. In such cases humidity level plays a very important role. In order to come out with the exact quality products, this level should be specific. And if the humidity level is higher than the required level, moisture desiccants need to be applied accordingly. But before that humidity level should be determined. And for that reason humidity indicating cards are applied.

humidity indicator card

What would you do if you have to know the humidity level present inside the packaged food? For all kinds of barrier packaging, finding out the exact humidity level has become lot easier with the help of humidity cards. By applying these cards the level of humidity can be assumed easily. These cards are kept inside the vacuum packed bags in order to assist the users to check the humidity level. In most of the cases these cards are used along with desiccants so that the exact amount of desiccants can be applied according to the indicated humidity level to absorb the inside moisture. The presence of humidity can be assumed by observing the changing color of the card. If there is humidity inside the packet, the blue spots will turn pink.


Humidity indicator cards allows the users to have a clear concept about the inside humidity level through proper indication. It helps to save the inside products from the adverse effects of humidity. It is mostly applied to prevent the effects on sensitive equipments like semi-conductors, military equipments etc. It is an easy and convenient way of fighting with the adverse effects of humidity on various products. These cards can show the percentage of humidity from a scale of 5% to 60%. These cards should be maintained very carefully. If these cards get in contact of humidity before using, these will turn into pink. In such situation, cards should be dried in 1000 Celsius. In this temperature the card will turn into blue once again.


There is a number of humidity indicating cards suppliers available on the internet. Users can buy these cards from any of those suppliers. Though, they should be careful about the authenticity of the suppliers before making the deal this will ensure that the users get the genuine cards in return of their hard earned money. Other than that, there are lots of advantages of purchasing from online and one prime reason being the facility to place the order from home and also get the delivery at your preferred place.


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