Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packets

Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packets
Sorbead India provides a variety of Moisture Absorbing Desiccant to your desired needs. Moisture will promote the growth of fungus, mildew and bacteria on packed items that are stored and transported. To prevent this, use of desiccants is necessary. The desiccants suck up the moisture and create a dry atmosphere inside the package. There are many desiccants available in the marketplace, but one of the safest and generally used desiccants is silica gel.

DMF Free Silica gel packets is a hygroscopic crystalline bead that will absorb moisture up to 40% of their weight.Silica gel is hard, irregular and in the shape of granules or beads. It is US FDA approved, non-toxic, organic desiccant. Standard white silica gel is non-indicating and does not change physically even after absorption of moisture.


The other type of silica gel is called the Self-indicating silica gel which indicates the moisture absorbed. The silica gel has moisture sensitive additive impregnated to the plain silica gel. The indicator changes colour as moisture is adsorbed thus giving a visual indication of activity level of the silica gel. You can get many self-indicating silica gels in the market;the orange self indicating silica gel is the commonly used color indicator. It is available in sizes of 2-5mm, 3-5mm and 4-8mm.Silica gel is in different industry for Breathers, Transformers, Solvent Drying, Industrial Gases and Air drying Industries.
Orange to Dark Green Silica Gel- Using an organic indicator this silica gel offers a very strong orange to dark green colour change.


Orange to Colorless- Iron salts is used as additive in this high capacity desiccant, changing from a deep orange to a very pale yellow colour. The indicator is very vigorous;hence this silica gel is well suited for repeated regeneration and reuse. Self-indicating orange silica gels are cost effective and non-toxic.