Protect Your Cargo Against Environmental Challenges

cargo dry pakWhile exporting your quality products through Sea Container, a risk of mold, mildew, fungus formation and condensation   is always a great concern for any industries.


The container is closed system carrying lots of packing material like corrugated boxes, wooden frames and pallets. All packaging products, commodity you exports & air enclosed in a container is moving with its own moisture content.


During sea voyages day & night temperature variation will lead to breathing in and breathing out of saline high moisture content air. This phenomena works for almost 30 to 45 days of shipment and will give rise to elevation relative humidity inside your container.


This elevated humidity leads to problems of mold, mildew and fungus development in your products & packaging products. Metal parts will have rust formation and chemical powder or food powder will have problems of lump formation. Spices, cereals, coffee & tea will losses it’s aroma & colors.


Cargo Dry Pak is an advanced solution.

  • Cargo Dry Pak USFDA approved container desiccant suitable for pharmaceuticals & food products.
  • In Cargo, Dry Pak active substance is Calcium Chloride, Bentonite Clay and Starch and having an adsorption capacity of 100 % of its own weight.
  • In Silica Gel Bag active substance is Sio2 (Silicon Dioxide) and having an adsorption capacity of 30 % of its own weight.
  • The Cargo Dry Park will provide moisture protection for 30 to 45 days of shipment because of higher adsorption capacity, while the silica gel will get saturated very fast as the adsorption capacity is limited.
    • On saturation Silica Gel will leach out acidic fumes may deteriorate the quality products.
  • Higher number of Silica Gel Pouches will require than Cargo Dry Pak for containers.
  • Cargo Dry Pak is DMF Free (DI Methyl Fumarate).White Silica Gel contain DMF free which is banned many of the European countries.
      • Silica Gel is having a weak adsorption capacity at Low RH & High Temperature.
      •  Cargo Dry Pak works better even at LOW RH & High Temperature.
    •  Cargo Dry Pak is ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified, hence it is environmentally safe & can be disposed of as a normal waste as per local norms.

  Silica Gel is not safe as it is being acidic in nature & does not have ROHS certification cannot be disposed of as a normal waste In European countries.