Silica Gel Blue Packets are used in Clothing-Leather Goods

clear view desiccant PacksWe are dealing with indicating type desiccant packets or you can say silica gel blue packets or silica gel orange packets. These packets are available in small packets and they are used for absorbing moisture, humidity control, fungus removal and other moisture absorbing process.


Blue Silica Gel Packets have naturally silicon dioxide that has been purified and processed into smooth bead foam. Silica gel will remove moisture at temperatures as high as 220°F, but is best used at room temperature (70-90°F) and high relative humidity (60-90%Rh). As silica gel blue beads are absorb moisture its color changes from blue to purple to pink.

In Clear View Packets are allows you to see which desiccant is used. Clear view silica gel packet allows regenerating by heat. These packets are used again and again. This type of products is more used by companies.

Indicating Silica Gel Blue Packets are used in electronics, pharmaceutical, cloths, agriculture, stationery, military equipment and other industries where moisture absorb is require. Orange and Blue Silica Gel Indicating Pouches are available in different type of packaging like silica gel blue beads are packed in tyvek paper, cotton and polyester type cloth bags and non-woven bags.

Our indicating type packets are available in different sizes:

  • 0.25 grams to 14 grams