Silica Gel Packets – Different Types, Same Use

Different types of Silica gel Packets

All of us are familiar with Silica Gel packets. These are packets containing silica gel in bead or granular forms, which are placed alongside packed products to make sure that they are not affected by the fluctuating moisture levels in the closed spaces. Silica gel is the most popular form of desiccant and is easily available in the market.

Most people are of the view that Silica Gels are only in white colour. That, however, is not true as silica gel packets of different colours are nowadays being introduced in the market. The most commonly found types of Silica Gel packets include blue, orange, green (indicating) and white (non-indicating). The main characteristic of the indicating silica gel packet is that when saturated with moisture, it changes colour. In the case of the non-indicating Silica Gel, as the name suggests, it does not change colour but remains white.


Silica Gel BlueBlue silica Gel: The blue Silica Gel gets its colour from the cobalt present inside the Silica gel, mostly considered safe while transporting packed goods. The Silica gel changes colour from blue to pink when it is completely exhausted. It changes its colour in dry state.




Silica Gel OrangeSilica Gel Orange :Orange Silica Gel:Another popular form of Silica gel packet is the Orange one. The Orange Silica gel changes into two colors- 1) dark green and 2) colorless. In both these Silica Gels forms, the colour changes from dark orange at a dry state to dark green/colorless, when the Silica Gel reaches its exhaustion limits.



Silica Gel WhiteWhite Silica Gel:The white Silica Gel is the standard form
of Silica Gel, which we commonly find in packages containing any new purchases. This type of Silica Gel is non-indicating as it does not undergo any specific physical changes when it begins the moisture absorption process. This is purchased the most, as it is considered to be cheap and therefore, highly cost-effective. Another major advantage of white Silica Gel is that it is readily available, both in bulk form and in sachets.


Main Uses of the Different Silica Gel Packets


Now that one has got a good understanding of the different types of Silica Gel Packets, let us take a look at their various uses across different industries. Read on to know more:


Blue Silica Gel: The blue colour indicating Silica Gel is what makes this form of Silica Gel highly useful across industries. The main uses of Blue Silica gel is in industries for different purposes like moisture absorbing process, natural gas drying, separation and purification process, air drying and dehumidification process, catalyst carrier among others. This Blue type of Silica Gel also finds use in the power industry for different industrial uses like breather transformers and other industrial uses. Blue Silica Gel has uses across industries because of its self-indicating nature and other unique properties.


Orange Silica Gel: Next, we turn our attention to the orange Silica Gel. Its applications are similar to blue Silica Gel as well. It also finds use in moisture absorbing process, natural gas drying, separation and purification process, air drying and dehumidification process, catalyst carrier among others.


This type of Silica Gel is also known to be used in fields like pharmaceutical packaging, electronics, leather & textile, food packaging, stationery, powder generation plants, air industries, oil and gas industries.


White Silica Gel: Compared to the other forms of Silica Gel, the white Silica Gel is the most popular and commonly used one. All of us are familiar with the small white Silica Gel sachets we get whenever we purchase new items, be it shoes or electronic goods. The main use of white Silica Gel is in the transportation industry to keep packed products safe from the harm caused by excess moisture.