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August 2, 2016

Different types of Silica gel Packets

All of us are familiar with Silica Gel packets. These are packets containing silica gel in bead or granular forms, which are placed alongside packed products to make sure that they are not affected by the fluctuating moisture levels in the closed spaces. Silica gel is the most popular form of desiccant and is easily available in the market.

Most people are of the view that Silica Gels are only in white colour. That, however, is not true as silica gel packets of different colours are nowadays being introduced in the market. The most commonly found types of Silica Gel packets include blue, orange, green (indicating) and white (non-indicating). The main characteristic of the indicating silica gel packet is that when saturated with moisture, it changes colour. In the case of the non-indicating Silica Gel, as the name suggests, it does not change colour but remains white. Continue reading

June 18, 2014

clear view desiccant Packs
Sorbead India provides a large range of Silica gel packets to suite your needs. Silica gel is a very good absorbent used as a desiccant for storing purpose. It absorbs moisture inside the packages to create a dry environment. The packets are non toxic and inert to reactions for long durations of time. The materials used to make silica gel packets are Tyvek Paper, Cotton, Composite Paper, and Polyester Material. There are different types of gels like Blue Silica Gel Beads, White Silica Gel Beads and Orange Silica Gel Beads.

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