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July 18, 2014

Desiccant TabletsSorbead India also supplier desiccant tablets which are compact, concentrated forms of desiccant material, such as molecular sieves. They are available in various shapes and sizes and are designed for use in components or products where space is limited but complete moisture protection is necessary. Moisture can spoil and ruin many types of goods from food and pharma to electronic devices. Desiccant tablets help eliminate the threat of moisture and ensure that products maintain their effectiveness. These tablets can be placed directly inside the containers and packages and do not need extra space.

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June 18, 2014

Humidity Indicating Cards
Sorbead India is the country’s most efficient company providing the costumers with desiccants and absorbers to prevent spoilage of goods from moisture. They also offer humidity indicating cards. These cards are unique cards on which a moisture sensitive chemical is impregnated such that it will change color when the indicated relative humidity is exceeded. It is basically a blotting paper impregnated with cobalt (II) chloridebase or copper (II) chloride base.

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