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November 7, 2017

Best way to store leather

These modern days usage of aesthetic valued fashionable items has become more important. Younger generations have become more fashion conscious and are ready to pay for the pigmented lining leather which is used as Jackets, Baggage’s as well as Hand bags. Whereas, preserving the inherent charm of the leather at a humidity of above 40% has become a big challenge.

Best way to store leather Since, Leather being a porous material, it is more prone to Mold and spore formation. These Molds are best grown in warm temperatures therefore; it is difficult to protect the items made of leather, in the warmer month. The Best way to store Leather in warmer months is possible only by removing moisture from the surroundings, which is one of the important components for mold growth. Not only Baggage’s and Hand bags, even the Car seats which are made of Leather are the perfect place for the growth of mold and spores, if the car remains closed for an extended period of time.

how to clean mold off leather seatsThese molds not only damage the car seat but also create a bad odour inside the car which is of main concern. Even the spores which float in air, when inhaled cause allergic reactions. This creates an inquest of How to clean Mold off the Leather car seats. By the inclusion of Silica gel packets containing Silica gel beads synthetically produced from Sodium silicate which is chemically inert preserves the inherent charm of leather as well as contamination. Silica gel in bead form acts as a desiccant in absorbing moisture from the surroundings, therefore employed in Leather Industries.Use of Silica gel in Leather industry is being practiced in packaging, as the Leather products are capable of regaining moisture from the surroundings before packaging. These Silica gel beads are packed in heat sealed bags called as tyvek bags, made of non-toxic, low-density Polyethylene fibres suitable to absorb the moisture and are resistant to corrosion, wear and tear.
These Silica gel packets are also available in different colours as a result of doping Silica gel with methyl orange and cobalt chloride moisture indicators and are available in Orange indicating Silica gel Packets and Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets.

uses of Silica Gel in Leather Industry Leather being a hygroscopic material, absorbs moisture at a faster rate which can be observed by the change in colour of the Silica gel beads from orange to green colour in Orange indicating Silica gel Packets, and blue to Pink colour in Blue Indicating Silica Gel Packets. Apart from colour, these Silica Gel Paks based on the type of the package, volume of the container and humidity , they are available in the form of Silica Gel Unit Pak and Silica Gel Pillow Pak.

Silica Gel Unit Pack

Unit is the mass of the Silica Gel present in the tyvek bag along with the other contents such as molecular sieves, clay and activated carbon is available in the size range of 1/2 units, 1/3 units, 1/6 units, 1 unit, 2 unit, 4 unit, 6 unit, 8 unit, 16 unit and 80 unit. This Silica Gel Unit Pak is encrypted with data -related to Size, Shelf-life or storage life, Reactivation time and has a standard approval from FDA(Food and Drug Administration). Since, this heat sealed tyvek Silica Gel Unit Pak contains desiccant material inside the Pak they are most commonly employed for the storage of packages containing Liquids and gases, as they are proficient in absorbing water along with the moisture even at a higher levels of humidity .

Silica Gel Pillow Pack

Silica Gel packets available in the form of rolls, containing uncut continuous strips are called as Silica Gel Pillow packs. Each strip of packet contains 0.25grams to 2000grams of Silica Gel desiccant rolled in a reclosed aluminized bag, based on the size of the container or package for storage. At present Silica Gel Pillow packs are of great demand as they are used in protecting bulk quantity of Pharmaceutical products, Food Products, insertion machines, dispensers and in many more storage industries.
Sorbead is the best company in manufacturing Silica Gel products such as Silica Gel Unit Paks, Silica Gel Pillow Paks and serves and meets the needs in time. Therefore, Sorbead being one among the leading Silica Gel manufacturers in India, has gained the attention of the Clients as a bulk supplier of Silica Gel Dessicant and is serving the demanding needs of market from time to time.

July 7, 2014

Silica Gel Unit PakSorbead India is a supplier of USFDA approved and DMF free desiccant packets in large size such as Unit Pack. Desiccant Unit Packs are available in different large unit sizes and packed in different packaging material. We supply Tyvek Paper packaging Unit Packs, Cotton and Polyester Cloths bags of unit packs which are non-woven and moisture protecting and can be used for long periods. A unit refers to a Military Specification for packaging. It is the quantity of desiccant which will absorb a percentage of its weight at certain levels of moisture. For expediency, one unit is approximately equivalent to one ounce.

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